The 12th International Congress on Engineering and Food (ICEF12)

ICEF 12 – IAEF Life Achievement Awards

Purpose: To recognize long serving experts of our field (including past IAEF and ICEF presidents) for their life long contribution and International impact on the progress of Food Engineering

Eligibility Criteria: The individual must have made outstanding achievements/contributions to food engineering through one or more of the following: Significance of peer-reviewed and other publications, patents, licenses; peer recognition - national and international awards; new products, processes; leadership positions; invitations to speak at national and international conferences; and activities in professional organizations/institutes including IAEF. An individual who has already received the award in the past is not eligible.

The Award: The Award is a commemorative plaque.

Selection of Award Recipient: An Awards Committee is set up. This committee is formed of the Executive of IAEF (Dr. Michèle Marcotte, Dr. Hosahalli Ramaswamy and Dr. Cristina Ratti) as well as of three current IAEF members. Dr. Michèle Marcotte will act as the chair of the Life Achievement Awards Committee. Each member will suggest 10 potential recipients to the Chair, who will prepare the list of potential recipients, including the number of nomination, and circulate it to the other committee members prior to the selection meeting. The candidates that have been unanimously nominated or that have been nominated by the majority of the committee members are automatically selected as Life Achievement Awards recipient. Other candidatures will be debated by the committee at the selection meeting and the candidates will be selected to receive a Life Achievement Awards, if approved by the majority of the committee members. Up to 25 plaques can be awarded. 

Deadline: 15 April 2015

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